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life is not written in the stars.
the pen is in your hands.


who am i?

writer +
reborn spirit

after dying and re-birthing a couple of times during my lifetime, I knew it was time to publish my feelings and translate my soul. i haven’t written my book yet but I’m on the path towards it. in the meantime, you can read me through my newsletter and, more frequently, my Instagram captions.


after turning my side hustle into a 6-figure business before age 25, I am living proof that you can three-dimensionalize your visualizations and manifest a life that sets your soul on fire. 

dream execution coach

through virtual courses and 1:1 sessions, I empower you to execute your dreams and heal your relationship with money so you can live in abundance and achieve financial freedom.


profound yet light, inkuition podcast invites you to laugh a little, question EVERYTHING, learn from many, follow your intuition. sometimes in english, most times in spanish, i help you turn your boring house chores into enjoyable ones lol.

holistic college

although most people don’t know about it, this is my primary role. through a holistic approach that targets the mind, body, and soul, I guide overwhelmed students to find their own voice in the uncharted waters of university applications.

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