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where college counseling meets personal development coaching

Through a holistic approach that targets the mind, body, and soul, I guide overwhelmed students find their own voice in the uncharted sea of university applications. 





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Career Exploration


Anabela Crespo is a career coach that specializes in finding a career path that integrates your gifts, skills, talents, and abilities. She guides students in creating a career that is aligned with their personality while being profitable and fulfilling. She graduated Cum Laude from Bentley University and worked as a college counselor for 5 years. After that experience, she realized the immense potential of working on something that is aligned with you. She got certified as a coach by ICF and currently helps people find a career path they will enjoy & thrive in.

Writing guidance and Revisions

Most high school students have only experienced writing academic papers, not personal statements. Fueled by my passion for creative writing, I help students find their voice, channel uniqueness, and scream passion through their writing — making their application glow amongst the rest. Moreover, I proofread the essays to check for spelling, grammar,punctuation, accuracy, and most importantly, a coherent flow that reflects the student’s personality. Résumé revisions are also offered.

1:1 private virtual sessions

Answering the question 'who am I?' and ‘what is my WHY?’ during teenage years can feel so daunting. These sessions will serve as a personal exploration to find a storyline that best depicts the student for essays and interviews — and life. They also include holistic exercises and tips to perform better on standardized tests and interviews, such as mock interviews and pre-exam grounding meditations. Additionally, I offer customized guidance on the overall application process: from filling the Common Application to asking for a letter of recommendation properly.

Accountability and Empowerment Coaching

There are a gazillion things to check off the list before submitting a college application. On top of the application process tasks, there is AP Calc homework, soccer practice, french classes, newspaper club, and senior parties. By breaking down the never-ending application checklist into small, actionable steps, I holds the student's hand making sure everything gets done on time while making the process organized and enjoyable.

what students are saying

Being able to complete this application journey with Cristina was amazing, fun, organized, and non-stressful. She allowed me to expand my vision and word my ideas more eloquently and in a creative form without taking away my own voice.

— Emma, Baylor University // also admitted into: Wake Forest, Universidad de Navarra

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